Third meeting: The Project of Dr. Morand & Illinois College

We held third meeting on November 26th. In second meeting, we decided to take movie of our introduction. So, we carried it out! Please check “Ritsumeikan-UC Davis Friendship Group” in Facebook! We keep on carrying movies in Facebook. We talked a lot about a project of University of Illinois College. Each of us suggested interesting subjects. Subjects ・Mask ・Necessities after fifty years ・ Anime ・ Comedy ・ SNS ・ The problem of energy ・ Advertisement In Skype session, each of proposers will take short presentation about introduction of these subjects. Until taking Skype session, we prepare to explain introduction of them to Illinois College students. by Hiroki Fujii

Study for Results Briefing

We had third meeting of Lab Tour. The contents of this meeting are mainly about future activities. We are going to have two presentations as advanced study; especially we have to talk about research of labs we will visit in results briefing. In the mid-term presentation for other project member and member of UCD2014, we will give an outline of this project. Now, we study research of labs for the presentations. Reading publications written by professors, whom we visit, is the most important mission until we go to UCD. We can learn many technical terms through this study. It may be difficult for us to understand professor’s talking, but we … Read moreStudy for Results Briefing


Hello, everyone. I’m Syotaro.  Last Thursday, in ojamap’s project, we decided places we go to in San Francisco in each group. All of members are probably looking forward to going sightseeing in San Francisco. ↑ These are part of famous spots in San Francisco. How about going to San Francisco with us? www I think this project is sure to succeed !!! Thank you for reading.

3rd Science club meeting

We reconfirmed our goal through the project. We decided each group continued our tasks to achieve our aim. The group members who made tests and questionnaires proposed purchase of  on-the -spot students-oriented examination to help them accomplish their aim. We decided to buy it. We will go to Stanford University and Exploratirium, so we made  a plan about  what time we would take a train and which hotel we stayed. However, we faced some troubles on hotel, so we haven’t decided where we would stay yet. By Yuki Egami

What are we going to do in the party?

It’s almost December! Today,in the 5th meeting,  we told about parties which will be held with host families, students, and so on.  I want all participants to know about Japan through this party. In order to get everyone to know about Japan, we plan to make some booths to introduce Japan. In the introduction booths, we will make opportunities to access  various aspects of Japanese culture, for example, ‘Shodo’, ‘Koma’, and so on. However, I think that we Japanese don’t know about Japan very well. Therefore, through this project and opening party, we want to think back about Japanese culture!  

Second Meeting of Dr. Morand & Illinois College

11/20/2014 I’m so sorry to be late for carrying this report. On November 20, we held second meeting.We talked about the project of Illinois College a lot. We may not meet the students of  Illinois College because it is so far from UCD to Illinois College. So we want to communicate with them through the Skype some times. We will discuss some subjects with them. We suggested Necessaries 50 years later, Difference of the problem of insurance between in Japan and in USA and Difference of using the masks between in Japan and in USA. Through online video, we define a subject. About Class of Dr. Morand , we want to … Read moreSecond Meeting of Dr. Morand & Illinois College