Dr. Langer’s presentation Lecture


Some of the UCD member took part in The Forum of Kyoto prize for students. The 30th recipient of the Kyoto prize in advanced technology is Dr. Robert Samuel Langer. He is an Institute Professor, MIT. He is very famous and great scientists, so we want to open what we learnt there.

Dr. Langer gave us many advice. He told us that students should learn basic science steadily. He appealed to people for the sense of globalization. According to his explanation, globalization means not only skill in English. It is get top class ideas, flexibility, originality, and broad-minded through communicating people around the world.

Dr. Langer is one of the great entrepreneur. He has many companies. From industrial point of view, he told us that there are important “3P” for scientists.They are “patent, platform, publishing”. When a scientist produces products, a patent help him or her. In the USA, scientists take a patent before they publish a paper. Paper is the base of patent. Platform means basic science knowledge.

He emphasized that passion is the most important point. Passion leads all success, for example studying hard, production of goods, and starting a business, etc. He advised us that it is important that students pursue one dream with open-minded.Dr. Robert Samuel Langer

PS: I’m disappointed me. I was closing eyes…

From Hiroki Fujii

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