The first meeting of project Film Study

This is Charles Wang, this page is about the report of project Film Study.

We didn’t do a lot in the first meeting, we introduced ourselves, talked about some movies we like.

Some of us watch movies a lot, like Mr. Shitan, but most of us don’t.

So, we thought that if we watch movie together before we go to America.

Although we didn’t say when we can watch movie together, we did decide to watch movie together.

Also, by leader Mr. Shitan’s word ‘this project is just a mini project, so we may do it with more fun’, our aim is not very hard.

Right now, our aim about the project is to know the difference between American movie and Japanese movie.

Like the scene we always saw in the movie, the difference between American cinema and Japanese cinema, and so on….

The first meeting of our group was like that, I’ll upgrade this blog after our next meeting.

By the way, Hello world.

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