The Second Regular Meeting

November 20th, was our second regular meeting of the project of this program. Everyone is starting to get along with each other gradually, so the project is going smoother and smoother every week!

The day after the meeting, a health/travel insurance guidance meeting was held. The members of the Rits-UCD program were taught how dangerous traveling abroad could be and how to prevent diseases.   We will be using airplane to travel, and so we will have to be in  airports, a place where people from all over the country visits. It could be a place where we get infected. Getting vaccination is the best way to prevent from deadly diseases that could be wandering around the places we go. We need to know the difference in the environment of places and be careful of it.

Let’s hope every one returns safe and sound from the US!

Representative of Rits-UCD Program
Rina Yamamoto

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