Interaction with international students

Hello,everyone.I’m Syotaro Yamamoto.

Today,in third class,some of members of going to UCDavis supported Mr.Yamanaka’s class. In this class,we teach Japanese to international students and talk in English. We can not only improve English skills, but also interact with them. Today,at first, we did game of tongue twister. Tongue twister means a word or phrase that is difficult to say quickly or correctly. Every students was practicing hard to announce in front of us. International students laughed and were pleased. Also, we did game of Karuta and message game. Both of Japanese students and international students looked happy,so we could make nice mood.
Finally,we took pictures with them. I could make a nice memory. I am grateful that I could spend such a nice time together with them today. In the future, we would like to continue to interact with international students.
Thank you for reading.


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