Merry Xmas!! (and a little thank u)

wassup guys! how’s your Christmas going? i actually have a class today, so it could have been a bit better… but im going on a snowboarding trip from tomorrow, so i guess i am feeling quite okay right now 🙂 i just wanted post about some of the changes we’ve made in our wordpress page. we’ve changed the top page, we’ve updated our members page, we’ve changed around the layouts and stuff..we’ll also be adding a little more pics, and maybe even some videos so that it’ll be cooler. it’s true that there are some pages still unfinished, but dont worry, i will update them asap! oh and if you … Read moreMerry Xmas!! (and a little thank u)

last meeting of 2014!

Today was the day of last meeting. We put together a content of middle presentation and  prepared  for the parties which we are  going to hole. Because it is the last day to prepare before leaving from Japan, everyone did their best. As a member of the calligraphy group, I made preparation for the big works which are being made by every participants. I’m looking forward to see the completed works. Some people in the sub-culture group were practicing their dance. It seemed like that other people made preparing to introduce Japanese culture. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  There are only eight days left in this year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Party in International House!

Yesterday, I, Saya and Mari got an invitation to dinner from my friends who came from Thailand, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. They made each traditional foods, all dishes were so delicious! In especially I liked Bakso of Indonesia foods. It was likely to boiled gyoza in Japan. We gave them Japanese sweets, Senbei, Dorayaki and so on, as reciprocal gift. I was glad it made them happy. Through this party, we could talk with many foreign students in international house. To my surprise, I didn’t know that the house was built in Ritsumeikan University even 2 years after I entered this school. Next time, we will invite them to have rice ball party. I’m looking forward to seeing them … Read moreParty in International House!

There’s really nothing to say-Project Film

This is the fifth meeting about Project Film. There’s really nothing to say about our meeting .Our project is not like other project have so many things to do . We watched the new movie ‘Interstellar’ and we talked about it in an hour. Although we had already talk about it last week, we still decide to talk about it. In this week, we not only talked about the movie but also talked about the director of this movie and also about some other movie. Most of us thought that ‘Interstellar’ is a good movie but our leader doesn’t think so. We find out that the director usually use some difficult … Read moreThere’s really nothing to say-Project Film

Our 6th meeting

I talk about our 6th meeting. When we held the get-to-know party, we act the science performance. So we decided each role. We made 4 group. Each group act different science performance. The day, leaders taught us how to do some science experiment. We learn the principle and the way. Especially, we learn the cautionary points for children. Mainly, we held science performance for the children. There are some danger of being injured children if they miss the way to use. We have to tell the cautionary points for children and their curator. After that, we practiced each science experiment. We enjoyed acting it. We hope that children enjoy it … Read moreOur 6th meeting

Sharing Our Activity

Each group went to lab in Japan last week. We were able to ask many questions in this activity. We will compare American lab to and it during our stay in California. In addition, we shared plans of mid-term presentation. Our presentation will mention our activity in Japan. For example, we will talk what we studied to read academic papers like MOOCS. Lab Visit Group has two presentations. We want to brace them. By.Daichi Matsunami

Discuss contents of midterm presentation & making movie

On this Thursday, we discussed contents of midterm presentation. We confirmed our activities. We will make movies about Christmas movie, original parka movie and Osyoigatu movie to upload Facebook. We took many photos and we made original parka movie. We want to contact students of UCD and Illinois College more aggressively. Through these movie, we have good relationship with them. by Hiroki Fujii