How things are in the Film PJ

1.Tamura will send an e-mail to Daivs Anime Club.

2.When we visit San Francisco
・We will make a map of San Francisco. (ex.How many movie theatres are there?)
・We will go to the Golden Gate Bridge.
・We will go to a movie theater and experience the difference between the movie theaters of Japan.
・We make lists of the place where we want to go in San Francisco.

3. Presentation in February 2th(ten minutes) → Kasahara and Morimoto
4.We tell Kasahara when we will be absent.
5.Review an image of Americans (consideration)
→We make a list of what they do during the day.

6.Illegal downloading
・It’s becoming hard to control

7. Do not forget to come to relugar meeting at 18:00 on Tuesday in January 6. (classroom undecided)


-Mami Oikawa

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