4th Science club meeting

Today, I would like to make a report about 4th meeting.

At first, we talked about a two day one night trip. We decided the hotel where we would stay. We confirmed what time we would take a train and get to our destinations and how much it would be cost. It is tight schedule. We will get up early on the first day, and arrive at each home late on the second day. It will cost about 200$ in all. We are going to Stanford University to study. We are looking forward to having local students guide us. The trip will be highly productive.

Next, we talked about send-off party. We will perform some science experiments at the party. It is easy to make preparations for these experiments, so they are feasible.

Finally, we have to make a short presentation next week, so we decided who would make arrangements. Wishing they the best.

By Yuki Egami

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