Skype Meeting with Illinois College & Small Presentation

On last Friday, we held 2nd Skype meeting with students of Illionis College. We asked them many questions and we had them answer our questions. Our speaking English was often halting, but we enjoyed talking with them. Their and our end of term examination will be held soon. So we will hold next Skype meeting in the month of February.

People who had took part in the program of studying abroad held small presentations and a party. We are glad this opportunity. We got good experiences of presentation and good advice. We look forward to studying abroad more and more.

Skype meeting2-1Skype meeting2-2UCD OB 立食party

by Hiroki Fujii

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    • I made these for dinner tonight and they were great! Only problem was, my arm got tired after cutting up half the squash (it was a huge one); then, when baked, there weren’t really enough for the two of us. Strange to think that I could eat half a butternut squash (I hated it growing up) in one sitting. PS — I added a little curry powder when mixing them with the oil and salt. I will definitely make this again. (Especially since I have half a squash now sitting in the ret!igeraforr)

    • I asked you to do a work for us a while back and told you to name your price. I would think you’d get back to me if you wanted money… lol

    • Glückwunsch. Ich habe irgendwie erst erfahren, dass es eine Verlosung gab, als du geschrieben hast, dass du gewonnen hast. Bitte um ausführliche Rezension des Missing Manual Buchs.

    • , Thank you – much food for thought here. I was particularly struck by the reference to woundology, and have since – probably not surprisingly – seen evidence of it littered all over the place.

    • What an amazing project Mandy – I adore it and you have given me some great inspiration for Christmas hangings too ….. thank you so much for sharing. I know the shoulder and back are painful but (being selfish now ! lol) please don't stop crafting and sharing with us !!!!Hugs, Sandra xx

    • t'sal: Ano, tvoje argumenty chápu a jsou mi jasné 🙂 Bylo by asi ideální, kdyby Å¡lo takhle rozliÅ¡it mudly od kouzelníků, bohužel to z principu nejde, protože kouzelníci pochází i z mudlovských rodin (Hermiona). I tak mi selektivní pÅ™eklad nepÅ™ijde ideální, protože i ostatní jména mají ve svém jazyce nÄ›jaký význam, i když se zrovna nemusí hodit k osobÄ›, která se tak jmenuje.Ale nechci si hrát na lingvistu, jen mi tahle záležitost vždycky pÅ™iÅ¡la líto, protože jinak si na českou HP terminologii stěžovat nemůžu 🙂

    • re: #34 – John – I attended 2nd grade in the school of hard knocks also known as St. Ann’s on Bainbridge Ave in the Bronx where the nuns said bless you right after you got a whack with a ruler or a book for acting up. The little spanish kid Julio used to pee his pants every time sister Mary would call on him in class. It wasn’t his fault his 5th generation American grandparents raised him to speak only spanish!

    • Il est « amusant » de relire Darwin se lamentant sur le nombre considérable de disparition d’espèces constaté à son époque, et l’urgence d’en garder une trace autant que possible avant qu’elles soient oubliés.

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