Merry Xmas!! (and a little thank u)

wassup guys! how’s your Christmas going? i actually have a class today, so it could have been a bit better…
but im going on a snowboarding trip from tomorrow, so i guess i am feeling quite okay right now 🙂

i just wanted post about some of the changes we’ve made in our wordpress page. we’ve changed the top page, we’ve updated our members page, we’ve changed around the layouts and stuff..we’ll also be adding a little more pics, and maybe even some videos so that it’ll be cooler. it’s true that there are some pages still unfinished, but dont worry, i will update them asap! oh and if you have anything u want to tell us, feel free to write a comment below or send a message at ContactUs!

and thanks to Mr.Kimura, one of the teachers in charge of this program, and BORDERS, a students’ group made by last year’s members, and to me (jk),we now have about 80 visitors every day! yay! i guess this is AWESOME because my blog has like only 3 visitors everyday. so thank you Mr Kimura & the members of BORDERS!

k, im running a little late here, so i guess i’d better stop writing and leave for school.
so yeah, thx for accessing our website, and Feliz Navidad!


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