G’day guys 🙂 Our Finals have just started.. You know, at just about every exam I take, I get this “I should’ve studied more” feeling, but well, I guess I never learn 😛 Our exams will finish by 31st of Feb, and after that, we will have our Mid-Presentation for the UCD program, and about 10 days after that, we will be leaving to California!!!!! So yeah, I guess I should stop playing on my PC and start studying, for I have another exam in about 5 hours… Can someone tell me how I can keep myself motivated, please?(*__*) -Si-tan

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G’day, guys! So yesterday was “Seijin-no-hi”, or coming-of-age day, a day where we celebrate 20year-olds. In Japan, you get to smoke, drink, vote, and do just about everything when you get to 20, for you are legally an adult then. So yeah, they celebrate that with a seijin-no-hi ceremony. Most girls wear a kimono to the ceremony, so I saw a lot of kimono girls around, which was, nice:) Anyway, we’ve made a Twitter account! Follow us on Twitter @RitsUCD! We will be updating some imformation on our program, and stuff 🙂 ★☆Si-tan☆★

Movie viewing

We watched and talked about the movie “The Fast and the Furious: TOKYO DRIFT”. This is the story. Sean is a high school student who likes cars. But he came to Japan and lost in a car race. Therefore, he practiced drifting to beat “Drift King”. In the end, he did it. The story was a little boring, but the action scenes were exciting. We came up with two topics to discuss. The first one was about stereotypes. In the movie, there was chochin, Japanese lantern, on a traditional Japanese house. However, we don’t use them except on traditional festivals. Also, it mentioned slippers in schools. Shitan, who is one … Read moreMovie viewing

Results Briefing

Happy New Year! First meeting of Lab Visit in 2015 was Results Briefing. It is held in 1/7 and 1/8. This is the meeting to speak to members about study of lab each member is going to visit. We had already decided what we do to study before this Results Briefing. Especially, reading publication by professor and studying by MOOCS was the important missions. We spoke about contents of publication we read and professor’s research mainly. We had never experience reading academic publications. So, it was difficult for us to read it. Especially, we have little knowledge about technical terms. It was likely to become difficult presentation. But, in this … Read moreResults Briefing

Study Session

We had study session this Tuesday after school. The preparation time left for us is really small, so I have to do my best at English and terminal exam. I taught five sentence pattern of English for everyone. Rina Yamamoto who graduated from an international school taught us pronunciation of English. The thing left the biggest impression on me was difference in pronunciation “pick” and “peak.” According to what she said, when Japanese people say these two words, almost all Japanese couldn’t say these words properly. It sounds strange to her. I had a good time studying together.   -From Yuta’s blog

New Year

So, whassup guys? How’s your new year going? Mine’s going okay for now. Couple of days ago, we watched a film together at the Film Project, which Saya will post about soon, and it was really fun. But we have our finals in 2 weeks! :(((((((((((( I should stop playing GTA V and start studying… -Shi-tan