Movie viewing

We watched and talked about the movie “The Fast and the Furious: TOKYO DRIFT”.

This is the story. Sean is a high school student who likes cars. But he came to Japan and lost in a car race. Therefore, he practiced drifting to beat “Drift King”. In the end, he did it. The story was a little boring, but the action scenes were exciting.

We came up with two topics to discuss. The first one was about stereotypes. In the movie, there was chochin, Japanese lantern, on a traditional Japanese house. However, we don’t use them except on traditional festivals. Also, it mentioned slippers in schools. Shitan, who is one of our members, told us that foreign people think Japanese change into slippers outside class rooms. This was an interesting stereotype. In addition to this, students ate buffet lunches, but the truth is, we have school meals or lunch boxes instead. The second topic was what the director wanted to show us. We could not reach the answer. However, we thought that the word “drift” associates with those who came from outside. The movie showed us how they live in society. This discussion gave us new points of view. We will try movie viewing again.

By Saya Ito

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