Results Briefing

Happy New Year!

First meeting of Lab Visit in 2015 was Results Briefing. It is held in 1/7 and 1/8. This is the meeting to speak to members about study of lab each member is going to visit. We had already decided what we do to study before this Results Briefing. Especially, reading publication by professor and studying by MOOCS was the important missions. We spoke about contents of publication we read and professor’s research mainly. We had never experience reading academic publications. So, it was difficult for us to read it. Especially, we have little knowledge about technical terms. It was likely to become difficult presentation. But, in this Results Briefing, each people were able to contrive to have audience understand easily. Some people contrived contents of slides, and some people asked audience easy questions. In this Results Briefing, we could promote understanding about research. And, it was good opportunity to practice presentation.

Thank you.

By.Matsunami Daichi

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