A Meeting of JASS (2)

We took part in a meeting of JASS. Today, in the meeting, a person introduce Onsen, Hot Spring Bathes. I could know how the Japanese culture is introduced to the world. While the meeting, there are opportunity to talk with the member of JASS. This meeting to participate in is second times, we can get friendly to them more. I also could talk to some of them, I could have a good time. Next week, surely we have a party. In this party, we’d like to know each other more. Then through this party, we’d like to develop a relation between JASS and Ritsumeikan University students. Yuka

In San Francisco~!

 We 34 UCDavis members went to San Francisco on this weekend, Saturday and Sunday as a project of Ojamap. We spent most of the time on activities of group consisting of five or six members. We could not only go to many places, but get along with group members more. I will tell you about my story in San Francisco. Some groups went to Academy of Science, others went to Fisherman’s Wharf. In case of my group, we went to Academy of Science on first day, and went to Fisherman’s Wharf on second day.   About Academy of Science, I was moved to a vast land. After that, we went … Read moreIn San Francisco~!

Hello, Dr. Morand and his students!

On February 23, we met Dr. Morand and his students in the Garrison Room of the Memorial Union. At first, he told us his plan in Japan. He and his students will come to Ritsumeikan University in this summer. They have the plan to go to Research lab in Ritsumeikan University, a museum at the ancient Lake Biwa in Kusatsu, the Kyoto Aquarium, and some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After that, his students introduced themselves. They are very interesting!! We want to have a long term relationship with them. Hiroki Tanaka

Nice to meet you, JASS!

On 19 February, There was meeting of JASS (Japanese American Student Society). We took part is this meeting and talked to some people who are the member of JASS. Because the day was Twin Day, some people dressed same clothes. It was so funny. In the meeting, I could talk to some people, and get friendly with some people. They can speak not only English but also Japanese. Most of their parents are Japanese. However, they said that they have never been to Japan. In talking to them, I felt that I should know about Japan. If I talked about Japan, there are many thing of my home country. Through … Read moreNice to meet you, JASS!

Our first sports day!

On 19th February, We had the first sports festival. We played soccer. There were twenty people including those from other universities. Chinese students came to watch the games and we were taught their language through English. We made new friends:) Because this time there were people who did not have equipment and could not take part, next time, we will like to invite more people beforehand and make more friends!!

Get-To-Know Party

On 15 February, There was Get-To-Know Party. We invited each host family the party and everyone enjoyed Japanese culture or eating food. There are some groups to introduce Japanese culture, Dancing, Calligraphy, Traditional tools, Making up, Fukuwarai and Origami. In the party, we could eat Miso-sup. In Japanese culture group, we introduced Darumaotoshi and a traditional spinning top. Many children could enjoy it. In Dancing group, five pretty women performed a dance to a music of Momoiro Kuroba Z which is a famous Japanese idle group. They gave many people a good time. In calligraphy group which is my group, we took two things. First, we would like participants to … Read moreGet-To-Know Party