To Be a Global Communicator

Hello, everyone. I’d like to introduce Sachiyo Vierheller. She is playing an active role as a translator and a coach of communication in English. I attended her lessons. The title of them is to be a global communicator. I learned three things. They are three keys in using English, giving your opinion in paragraph, and how to self-sustain your English communication skills throughout your life.

The key in using English is give listener main points at first and give listener supporting information. For example, in case of Japanese, “Yesterday, I met with friend. When I was on a train with him, I saw famous people!” But what we you want to say is see famous people, so you should say “I saw see famous people” at first. Next key is be specific. We Japanese often use the word “many”. But among the people all over the world, sense of value is probably different. There, you should use numbers. By using numbers, you make the story be specific. Using examples and reasons are important, too. Third key is use action words. Imagine that you have to go to next meeting, but you can’t finish meeting now. If you are in the place, how do you do? Probably, almost all of people have patience and say nothing. But English people say “Look at the time”. If you said this in Japan, you may be impolite person. In English countries, by saying “Look at the time”, you can finish meeting smoothly. Using action words make what you want to tell clear. Japanese tend to use not action words, or “be verbs”. In America, let’s use action words.

I tell you about paragraph. You probably learn a few times, you should write one content a one paragraph. You should write topic sentence at first, next supporting sentence, finally concluding sentence. If you write two or more contents in one paragraph, you can’t tell what you want to tell.

I talk about how to self-sustain your English communication skills throughout your life. In the countries of English-speaking world, being a silent is the most disrespect. The attitude of Respect, recognition and worth work are most important in communicating with English people. We express the respect by asking questions. If someone ask you “Do you have any questions?”, you should try to ask questions, especially in America. Even if nobody ask you something, trying to ask questions is better. It is important attitude, too. It is useful in case of no conversation with boyfriend and girlfriend.


I learned above things. This opportunity was very wonderful for me. Sachiyo Vierheller taught us them kindly and interestingly. Practicing what I learned immediately is difficult, but I can try to carry out them. We will be in America in one week, so let’s try and spend wonderful one month.

By Syotaro Yamamoto


Japanese version is here↓

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