In San Francisco~!

In San Francisco~!

 We 34 UCDavis members went to San Francisco on this weekend, Saturday and Sunday as a project of Ojamap. We spent most of the time on activities of group consisting of five or six members. We could not only go to many places, but get along with group members more. I will tell you about my story in San Francisco. Some groups went to Academy of Science, others went to Fisherman’s Wharf. In case of my group, we went to Academy of Science on first day, and went to Fisherman’s Wharf on second day.

  About Academy of Science, I was moved to a vast land. After that, we went there on foot. There, we could see planetarium. We were lucky to see that, and it was so nice. It was more afraid than roller coasters for me. Hahaha. After watching that, we could see around inside of that building. I visited there and know the wonderfulness, so I cannot go to science museum in Japan.

  About Fisherman’s Wharf, it was comfortable to visit there, because the air was very clear. I did interview to someone I don’t know, but many visitors were kind to us. I ate cram chowder there, and it was very delicious. However, bread surrounding cram chowder was not so good, so I didn’t eat that. There, I bought many things, including souvenir.

Every students looked happy to go to many places in San Francisco. We had a little trouble on train, but we were reliable to come back to Davis.

Syotaro Yamamoto


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