Special lecture!!

On March 5, we had the lecture with Professor Janice Morand. She works in INTERNSHIP and CAREER CENTER of UCD.
At first, she talked about job hunting in UCD. She told us that 88.5% of College of Biological Sciences graduates report participating in at least one internship during college and 23% of graduates went directly to graduate or professional school.
Next, we described an accomplishment each other. Everyone had an interesting accomplishment. We learned many things from this section. For example, importance of effort and group.
Finally, we tried Career Research. The types of people can be roughly classified into six types. They are investigate people, artistic people, social people, enterprising people, conventional people, and realistic people. I showed below the details of these types.
We discussed in each groups in the order you chose them. Then We checked sample career possibilities. I thought that this section was very effective for the person who a future occupation was not decided.
This lecture is amazing to us. Thank you so much, Professor Janice Morand.

Hiroki Tanaka





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