In Rits-UCD 2015 Program, 37 students from College of Life Sciences, Sports & Health Science, and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Ritsumeikan University, Japan, will be studying English in University of California Davis through 11th of February to 15th of March. The same program was held last year in which students took this as an opportunity to go somewhere so different and advanced.
Our seniors started projects to be active and to make things beneficial for them. This year, we are following the footsteps of our seniors and are starting up new projects to benefit ourselves.

We have divided our projects into two. One is the Main-Projects, in which all members must participate. The other is the Mini-Projects, where members can freely join. We have three Main-Projects, and four Mini-Projects. We have also planned out a Get-to-Know Party, well, to get to know with the host families. Please take a look at our “Projects” for more details!

I hope we can make this a prominent experience for us!

Student Representative
-Rina Yamamoto