G’day guys 🙂 Our Finals have just started.. You know, at just about every exam I take, I get this “I should’ve studied more” feeling, but well, I guess I never learn 😛 Our exams will finish by 31st of Feb, and after that, we will have our Mid-Presentation for the UCD program, and about 10 days after that, we will be leaving to California!!!!! So yeah, I guess I should stop playing on my PC and start studying, for I have another exam in about 5 hours… Can someone tell me how I can keep myself motivated, please?(*__*) -Si-tan

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G’day, guys! So yesterday was “Seijin-no-hi”, or coming-of-age day, a day where we celebrate 20year-olds. In Japan, you get to smoke, drink, vote, and do just about everything when you get to 20, for you are legally an adult then. So yeah, they celebrate that with a seijin-no-hi ceremony. Most girls wear a kimono to the ceremony, so I saw a lot of kimono girls around, which was, nice:) Anyway, we’ve made a Twitter account! Follow us on Twitter @RitsUCD! We will be updating some imformation on our program, and stuff 🙂 ★☆Si-tan☆★