Safety Trip to Japan

We UCD members came back to Japan on March 15th without big accidents and problems. We are reliable that we could came back to Japan. One month in California was too short, but we had a great time there and many nice memories. We’re going to held a recital which we tell our experiences on March 31th. We are probably preparing for that. Syotaro Yamamoto

Get to know students of Dr. Morand

On March 6, we are invited the party by Dr. Morand. This party was held for about two hours from 5 PM to 7 PM. He and his students are going to come to Japan in this summer. So, this party is meeting together for students of Ritumeikan and Dr. Morand. We ate some foods. For example, turkeys, breads, soup and so on. And we talked and played games with them. Also, a lot of people exchange the Facebook page. I thought many people built a good relationship in this party. I am looking forward to see them in Japan!!             Yuri Ebisu

Special lecture!!

On March 5, we had the lecture with Professor Janice Morand. She works in INTERNSHIP and CAREER CENTER of UCD. At first, she talked about job hunting in UCD. She told us that 88.5% of College of Biological Sciences graduates report participating in at least one internship during college and 23% of graduates went directly to graduate or professional school. Next, we described an accomplishment each other. Everyone had an interesting accomplishment. We learned many things from this section. For example, importance of effort and group. Finally, we tried Career Research. The types of people can be roughly classified into six types. They are investigate people, artistic people, social people, … Read moreSpecial lecture!!

Doll Festival in UC Davis

On 4 March, We held Doll Festival with JASS.  There were some boothes, Japanese culture, calligraphy, Fukuwarai, and Making up. In each group, all member enjoyed party through Japanese culture. Finally, we completed the big works of calligraphy. In this works, name of everyone were written. In addition, we draw Doll festival by tearing and pasting Origami. It became so wonderful works. Through this party, I thought we could get friend with member of JASS. I could talk to some people and I was glad to make some people to know about Japanese culture, especially calligraphy. I could learn we Japanese should know Japanese culture and have pride to be Japanese. Then we should spread … Read moreDoll Festival in UC Davis

Our second sports day!

On 3rd March, We had the second sports festival. We played basketball. There were twenty people including Chinese students. They played basketball with English only and we got minus points if we spoke Japanese. We also invited Saudi Arabian students. Next time will be held tomorrow. We will play ultimate at Russell Field.  

A Meeting of JASS (2)

We took part in a meeting of JASS. Today, in the meeting, a person introduce Onsen, Hot Spring Bathes. I could know how the Japanese culture is introduced to the world. While the meeting, there are opportunity to talk with the member of JASS. This meeting to participate in is second times, we can get friendly to them more. I also could talk to some of them, I could have a good time. Next week, surely we have a party. In this party, we’d like to know each other more. Then through this party, we’d like to develop a relation between JASS and Ritsumeikan University students. Yuka

In San Francisco~!

 We 34 UCDavis members went to San Francisco on this weekend, Saturday and Sunday as a project of Ojamap. We spent most of the time on activities of group consisting of five or six members. We could not only go to many places, but get along with group members more. I will tell you about my story in San Francisco. Some groups went to Academy of Science, others went to Fisherman’s Wharf. In case of my group, we went to Academy of Science on first day, and went to Fisherman’s Wharf on second day.   About Academy of Science, I was moved to a vast land. After that, we went … Read moreIn San Francisco~!