There’s really nothing to say-Project Film

This is the fifth meeting about Project Film. There’s really nothing to say about our meeting .Our project is not like other project have so many things to do . We watched the new movie ‘Interstellar’ and we talked about it in an hour. Although we had already talk about it last week, we still decide to talk about it. In this week, we not only talked about the movie but also talked about the director of this movie and also about some other movie. Most of us thought that ‘Interstellar’ is a good movie but our leader doesn’t think so. We find out that the director usually use some difficult … Read moreThere’s really nothing to say-Project Film

About ours 4th meeting

Our leader said that I can’t write my name start from the article, so, I will write it end of the article. Before I start to talk about our meeting, I really want to know is there anyone reading this BLOG? If you are reading my article can you just give me some comment, that will make me feel I’m not some kind of creepy saying something to myself. Now, let’s talk about our 4th meeting. We do have a big progress! WE TALKED IN ENGLISH! We talk about ‘Why we watch movie’.Although there’s some different thoughts between me and Shitan but the conversation was still nice! Also we talk … Read moreAbout ours 4th meeting

The Second meeting of Group Film study!

Hello, this is Charles again. We had our second meeting on Nov 20th. In this meeting, we decided to watch movie ‘Interstellar’. (Because Shitan said that we have to watch it, the director is so famous!) Also, we did some schedule change, we found out it will take 16 hours to go to Hollywood from Davis by train. Then, we deleted it, smile. In next meeting, maybe we will going to talk about if it should be allowed to download movie on internet. I think that’s all about our second meeting. See you next time. Smile

The first meeting of project Film Study

This is Charles Wang, this page is about the report of project Film Study. We didn’t do a lot in the first meeting, we introduced ourselves, talked about some movies we like. Some of us watch movies a lot, like Mr. Shitan, but most of us don’t. So, we thought that if we watch movie together before we go to America. Although we didn’t say when we can watch movie together, we did decide to watch movie together. Also, by leader Mr. Shitan’s word ‘this project is just a mini project, so we may do it with more fun’, our aim is not very hard. Right now, our aim about … Read moreThe first meeting of project Film Study