Get-to-Know Party

On 14th of February, we will have a Get-to-Know Party with our host families. This will be a great opportunity to get to know with our hosts, as well a trigger for us using English. We will also be preparing some activities for our host families, so they can know more about Japan. There will also be dance shows, science shows, and of course, some food!

Here’s a list of the things we’ve planned doing:

  • True or False Quiz About Japan
  • Dance Show
  • Science Experience Show
  • Experience Booth
  • Japanese Food

    The experience booth will be prepared by the members of the “JapanClub Project” and the Science Show by “Science!!“.

    We believe this will be a trigger for which English be used casually, and will make future’s foothold for our program.

    This party was proposed by Ruko. All members will be attending.