JapanClub Project

In the JapanClub Project, we will be interacting with members of Japan groups in UCDavis. Through discussions and some small activities, we believe we will be able to understand both Japan and America better.

We have made a Facebook Group with some of the members from Japan Clubs to get to know with them before we go to UCD. It has been hard for us to make contact with the clubs, since most of us, including me, have difficulties communicating in English. It still isn’t easy, but we’re making a bit of a progress here.

We will also be helping the Get-to-Know Party by preparing some activities.

We have 19 members, as Kana Yanai as our project leader and Yome Ou & Shinya Ukeshima as the sub leaders.
Also check out the full list of the members!

And don’t forget to take a look at What’sNew @JapanClubProject for the latest posts!