Doll Festival in UC Davis

On 4 March, We held Doll Festival with JASS.  There were some boothes, Japanese culture, calligraphy, Fukuwarai, and Making up. In each group, all member enjoyed party through Japanese culture. Finally, we completed the big works of calligraphy. In this works, name of everyone were written. In addition, we draw Doll festival by tearing and pasting Origami. It became so wonderful works. Through this party, I thought we could get friend with member of JASS. I could talk to some people and I was glad to make some people to know about Japanese culture, especially calligraphy. I could learn we Japanese should know Japanese culture and have pride to be Japanese. Then we should spread … Read moreDoll Festival in UC Davis

A Meeting of JASS (2)

We took part in a meeting of JASS. Today, in the meeting, a person introduce Onsen, Hot Spring Bathes. I could know how the Japanese culture is introduced to the world. While the meeting, there are opportunity to talk with the member of JASS. This meeting to participate in is second times, we can get friendly to them more. I also could talk to some of them, I could have a good time. Next week, surely we have a party. In this party, we’d like to know each other more. Then through this party, we’d like to develop a relation between JASS and Ritsumeikan University students. Yuka

Nice to meet you, JASS!

On 19 February, There was meeting of JASS (Japanese American Student Society). We took part is this meeting and talked to some people who are the member of JASS. Because the day was Twin Day, some people dressed same clothes. It was so funny. In the meeting, I could talk to some people, and get friendly with some people. They can speak not only English but also Japanese. Most of their parents are Japanese. However, they said that they have never been to Japan. In talking to them, I felt that I should know about Japan. If I talked about Japan, there are many thing of my home country. Through … Read moreNice to meet you, JASS!

Get-To-Know Party

On 15 February, There was Get-To-Know Party. We invited each host family the party and everyone enjoyed Japanese culture or eating food. There are some groups to introduce Japanese culture, Dancing, Calligraphy, Traditional tools, Making up, Fukuwarai and Origami. In the party, we could eat Miso-sup. In Japanese culture group, we introduced Darumaotoshi and a traditional spinning top. Many children could enjoy it. In Dancing group, five pretty women performed a dance to a music of Momoiro Kuroba Z which is a famous Japanese idle group. They gave many people a good time. In calligraphy group which is my group, we took two things. First, we would like participants to … Read moreGet-To-Know Party

last meeting of 2014!

Today was the day of last meeting. We put together a content of middle presentation and  prepared  for the parties which we are  going to hole. Because it is the last day to prepare before leaving from Japan, everyone did their best. As a member of the calligraphy group, I made preparation for the big works which are being made by every participants. I’m looking forward to see the completed works. Some people in the sub-culture group were practicing their dance. It seemed like that other people made preparing to introduce Japanese culture. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!  There are only eight days left in this year. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Last 8 weeks!

On 18 December in 2014, the 8th meeting was held. In this meeting, each groups in Japan club project decided what we do in two parties. As calligraphy team, I decided how to give participants a good time. We plan that all of the members make a big work. During winter break, I will practice calligraphy with my grandmother. For good party, I’d like to learn about it.   There are about 8 weeks before I leave. Our excitement and grow as coming close to the departure days. At the same time, I’m of increasing concern.   By. Yuka Akagi    

How do we introduce Japanese cultures?

Today, we held the 6th meeting. In the meeting, we decided what each group will do in detail. I belong to ‘Shodo (calligraphy)’ group. In this group, I would like to enjoy ‘Shodo’ with the local people. Calligraphy is typical Japanese culture with long history. Because my grandmother was a calligraphy teacher, I will bring her calligraphy works. Through displaying her works, we want to share one of Japanese arts. Additionally, in the party, I will write participant’s name by Shodo. I believe that we can get along to the local people with Japanese cultures. I want to enjoy the opportunities to talk with many people. By Yuka Akagi