Results Briefing

Happy New Year! First meeting of Lab Visit in 2015 was Results Briefing. It is held in 1/7 and 1/8. This is the meeting to speak to members about study of lab each member is going to visit. We had already decided what we do to study before this Results Briefing. Especially, reading publication by professor and studying by MOOCS was the important missions. We spoke about contents of publication we read and professor’s research mainly. We had never experience reading academic publications. So, it was difficult for us to read it. Especially, we have little knowledge about technical terms. It was likely to become difficult presentation. But, in this … Read moreResults Briefing

Sharing Our Activity

Each group went to lab in Japan last week. We were able to ask many questions in this activity. We will compare American lab to and it during our stay in California. In addition, we shared plans of mid-term presentation. Our presentation will mention our activity in Japan. For example, we will talk what we studied to read academic papers like MOOCS. Lab Visit Group has two presentations. We want to brace them. By.Daichi Matsunami

Lab Visit in Japan

In this week, many groups visited Japanese laboratory to compare American one and Japanese one. I also visit to Lab of the department of pharmacy. We had decided questionnaire before Lab visit. For example, we asked professor about research funds. I was also able to know ideal ways as researcher. We could listen valuable talks for us. In UCD, we want to ask many questions, and absorb ravenously. From Daichi Matsunami

Preparation for the Presentation

We had 4th meeting of Lab visit. We made sure of a schedule in this meeting. All group was able to take some laboratories of UCD. So, Tasks we must do in this group is few. After this meeting, each groups have to read the academic paper and practice presentation for Results Briefing. And, we also study English about science while using edx website. →   By.Matsunami Daichi

Study for Results Briefing

We had third meeting of Lab Tour. The contents of this meeting are mainly about future activities. We are going to have two presentations as advanced study; especially we have to talk about research of labs we will visit in results briefing. In the mid-term presentation for other project member and member of UCD2014, we will give an outline of this project. Now, we study research of labs for the presentations. Reading publications written by professors, whom we visit, is the most important mission until we go to UCD. We can learn many technical terms through this study. It may be difficult for us to understand professor’s talking, but we … Read moreStudy for Results Briefing

Second Meeting of Lab Tours

We had a second meeting of Lab Tours. Last week, each group could contact to many professors who research fields we are interested in. So, in this meeting, we decided question to professors and what we should study in Japan. Each group will study research of lab we will visit and technical terms for mid-term presentation and Lab Tours. It may be difficult study, but we will do our best!! From Daichi Masunami    

Lab Tours

We had a first meeting of group “Lab Tours”. This is the project to visit to lab in Davis. We were able to reconfirm the contents of this project, and start to prepare appointments for study. There are 4 sub-groups in this project such as material science and food science. These are fields each member is interested in, so we can join this project with enthusiasm.  In this meeting, each 4 groups could prepare appointments while searching many labs. We are going to make an end of appointments to some lab until next week.   Let’s go Lab Tours!!