In San Francisco~!

 We 34 UCDavis members went to San Francisco on this weekend, Saturday and Sunday as a project of Ojamap. We spent most of the time on activities of group consisting of five or six members. We could not only go to many places, but get along with group members more. I will tell you about my story in San Francisco. Some groups went to Academy of Science, others went to Fisherman’s Wharf. In case of my group, we went to Academy of Science on first day, and went to Fisherman’s Wharf on second day.   About Academy of Science, I was moved to a vast land. After that, we went … Read moreIn San Francisco~!

Contents of interview

We did meeting as a project of Ojamap. We discussed the contents of doing interview in San Francisco. The contents are different from each group. We do interview the contents in San Francisco which we decided with each group. We will take movies and edit that after coming back to Japan. We will  upload next March, so please look forward to watching that movies. Thank you for reading. By Syotaro Yamamoto


Hello, everyone. I’m Syotaro.  Last Thursday, in ojamap’s project, we decided places we go to in San Francisco in each group. All of members are probably looking forward to going sightseeing in San Francisco. ↑ These are part of famous spots in San Francisco. How about going to San Francisco with us? www I think this project is sure to succeed !!! Thank you for reading.

Second Meeting on Ojamap

Hello, everyone. I’m Syotaro Yamamoto. Our project is ojamap. This project is held in February 20th and 21th. We will do interview to lacal people in San Francisco., including sightseeing. Also, we will take movies what interview is like there. Today, we talked about priority of wanting to go in each group. We have six groups. In each group, we discussed places which each person wants to go  in San Francisco. For, example, Golden Gate Bridge. This place is very popular in the world. I’d like to go there, but it is a lttle far. We need to decide places going to with same group members in early. Thank you … Read moreSecond Meeting on Ojamap


Ojamap is mini project. Through this project, we ask many people in California as an interview, including sightseeing. We made six groups. The groups consist of five or six people. We discuss where to go and what to ask from next time.2014-11-13