Safety Trip to Japan

We UCD members came back to Japan on March 15th without big accidents and problems. We are reliable that we could came back to Japan. One month in California was too short, but we had a great time there and many nice memories. We’re going to held a recital which we tell our experiences on March 31th. We are probably preparing for that. Syotaro Yamamoto

Our second sports day!

On 3rd March, We had the second sports festival. We played basketball. There were twenty people including Chinese students. They played basketball with English only and we got minus points if we spoke Japanese. We also invited Saudi Arabian students. Next time will be held tomorrow. We will play ultimate at Russell Field.  

How to Facilitate in a Meeting

           Several students took part in a lecture of Ms. Kondo (English P theater) and Mr. Gurney. The purpose of this lecture was to learn how to facilitate in a project meeting. The word, facilitate is unfamiliar to hear, isn’t it? Facilitate means to make it easier for a process or activity to happen, quoted from longman. We made 5 groups, and discussed some questions. In fact, facilitator is neither a leader nor boss. This position is fare of other persons. We learned a lot of  useful phrases, so this lecture was worth for us. Written by Yuta Watanabe

To Be a Global Communicator

Hello, everyone. I’d like to introduce Sachiyo Vierheller. She is playing an active role as a translator and a coach of communication in English. I attended her lessons. The title of them is to be a global communicator. I learned three things. They are three keys in using English, giving your opinion in paragraph, and how to self-sustain your English communication skills throughout your life. The key in using English is give listener main points at first and give listener supporting information. For example, in case of Japanese, “Yesterday, I met with friend. When I was on a train with him, I saw famous people!” But what we you want … Read moreTo Be a Global Communicator