Get to know students of Dr. Morand

On March 6, we are invited the party by Dr. Morand. This party was held for about two hours from 5 PM to 7 PM. He and his students are going to come to Japan in this summer. So, this party is meeting together for students of Ritumeikan and Dr. Morand. We ate some foods. For example, turkeys, breads, soup and so on. And we talked and played games with them. Also, a lot of people exchange the Facebook page. I thought many people built a good relationship in this party. I am looking forward to see them in Japan!!             Yuri Ebisu

Special lecture!!

On March 5, we had the lecture with Professor Janice Morand. She works in INTERNSHIP and CAREER CENTER of UCD. At first, she talked about job hunting in UCD. She told us that 88.5% of College of Biological Sciences graduates report participating in at least one internship during college and 23% of graduates went directly to graduate or professional school. Next, we described an accomplishment each other. Everyone had an interesting accomplishment. We learned many things from this section. For example, importance of effort and group. Finally, we tried Career Research. The types of people can be roughly classified into six types. They are investigate people, artistic people, social people, … Read moreSpecial lecture!!

Hello, Dr. Morand and his students!

On February 23, we met Dr. Morand and his students in the Garrison Room of the Memorial Union. At first, he told us his plan in Japan. He and his students will come to Ritsumeikan University in this summer. They have the plan to go to Research lab in Ritsumeikan University, a museum at the ancient Lake Biwa in Kusatsu, the Kyoto Aquarium, and some UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After that, his students introduced themselves. They are very interesting!! We want to have a long term relationship with them. Hiroki Tanaka

Discuss contents of midterm presentation & making movie

On this Thursday, we discussed contents of midterm presentation. We confirmed our activities. We will make movies about Christmas movie, original parka movie and Osyoigatu movie to upload Facebook. We took many photos and we made original parka movie. We want to contact students of UCD and Illinois College more aggressively. Through these movie, we have good relationship with them. by Hiroki Fujii

Skype Meeting with Illinois College & Small Presentation

On last Friday, we held 2nd Skype meeting with students of Illionis College. We asked them many questions and we had them answer our questions. Our speaking English was often halting, but we enjoyed talking with them. Their and our end of term examination will be held soon. So we will hold next Skype meeting in the month of February. People who had took part in the program of studying abroad held small presentations and a party. We are glad this opportunity. We got good experiences of presentation and good advice. We look forward to studying abroad more and more. by Hiroki Fujii

4th Meeting: take movie&Skype session

In third meeting, we talked about taking movie for UC Davis and Illinois College. We will contribute a movie of introduction about Japan to Facebook. We will take a movie in Kyoto. We think we can see colored leaves. On December 5th, We got Skype session with one of classes of Illinois College. We had prepared speaking contents but we could not smoothly speak English. We could find we should speak English more and more. In this session, we decided to communicate with students of Illinois College through Facebook. We have to choose some subjects from many subjects. We will discuss this problem with them.