Mid Term Presentation!

We did mid term presentation in 2/2 ! Every  presentations were really interesting and fantastic.  We could understand that what each groups will do. For example; doing “movie night”, Science Show, doing “FUKUWARAI”…. Then, I thought that I should learn English and skill of presentation more. We wore suits! lol Every body looked very stylish & cute 😀 I’m really excited to go to America! X) Tomomi Hachiken

Study Session

We had study session this Tuesday after school. The preparation time left for us is really small, so I have to do my best at English and terminal exam. I taught five sentence pattern of English for everyone. Rina Yamamoto who graduated from an international school taught us pronunciation of English. The thing left the biggest impression on me was difference in pronunciation “pick” and “peak.” According to what she said, when Japanese people say these two words, almost all Japanese couldn’t say these words properly. It sounds strange to her. I had a good time studying together.   -From Yuta’s blog

New Year

So, whassup guys? How’s your new year going? Mine’s going okay for now. Couple of days ago, we watched a film together at the Film Project, which Saya will post about soon, and it was really fun. But we have our finals in 2 weeks! :(((((((((((( I should stop playing GTA V and start studying… -Shi-tan

Party in International House!

Yesterday, I, Saya and Mari got an invitation to dinner from my friends who came from Thailand, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. They made each traditional foods, all dishes were so delicious! In especially I liked Bakso of Indonesia foods. It was likely to boiled gyoza in Japan. We gave them Japanese sweets, Senbei, Dorayaki and so on, as reciprocal gift. I was glad it made them happy. Through this party, we could talk with many foreign students in international house. To my surprise, I didn’t know that the house was built in Ritsumeikan University even 2 years after I entered this school. Next time, we will invite them to have rice ball party. I’m looking forward to seeing them … Read moreParty in International House!

Homestay Skype Meeting

  December 16th to 19th, we had a Skype session with Nhut, or big brother, who will be helping us find out home stay. In this Skype session, we told Nhut what we expect from our Home stay family for about 10 minutes. Nhut will find the best family that meets our requirements. This was our first time everyone from the program interacted with a native English speaker. I didn’t get to see everyone talk with big brother, but from what I heard from Mr.Yamanaka, our English teacher in charge of this program, everyone seemed like they were trying their best to communicate in English.   Rina Yamamoto

Small Presentation Day

Today we reported each project’s progress to superior who went to UC Davis last year. Our group, JLCC, the leader Kana made presents about our activities. When I listened to her presentation, I thought I should have specific purpose to concern with JLCC. In the Last two months, I want to get the purpose of mine. In the session, A English teacher gave us some comments for good presentations. In the points, I thought the most important things is how to use faces of mine. I want to practice presentations over and over again in order to become a good presenter. In the latter part of the session, the small … Read moreSmall Presentation Day

The Second Regular Meeting

November 20th, was our second regular meeting of the project of this program. Everyone is starting to get along with each other gradually, so the project is going smoother and smoother every week! The day after the meeting, a health/travel insurance guidance meeting was held. The members of the Rits-UCD program were taught how dangerous traveling abroad could be and how to prevent diseases.   We will be using airplane to travel, and so we will have to be in  airports, a place where people from all over the country visits. It could be a place where we get infected. Getting vaccination is the best way to prevent from deadly diseases … Read moreThe Second Regular Meeting