Our 6th meeting

I talk about our 6th meeting. When we held the get-to-know party, we act the science performance. So we decided each role. We made 4 group. Each group act different science performance. The day, leaders taught us how to do some science experiment. We learn the principle and the way. Especially, we learn the cautionary points for children. Mainly, we held science performance for the children. There are some danger of being injured children if they miss the way to use. We have to tell the cautionary points for children and their curator. After that, we practiced each science experiment. We enjoyed acting it. We hope that children enjoy it … Read moreOur 6th meeting

4th Science club meeting

Today, I would like to make a report about 4th meeting. At first, we talked about a two day one night trip. We decided the hotel where we would stay. We confirmed what time we would take a train and get to our destinations and how much it would be cost. It is tight schedule. We will get up early on the first day, and arrive at each home late on the second day. It will cost about 200$ in all. We are going to Stanford University to study. We are looking forward to having local students guide us. The trip will be highly productive. Next, we talked about send-off … Read more4th Science club meeting

3rd Science club meeting

We reconfirmed our goal through the project. We decided each group continued our tasks to achieve our aim. The group members who made tests and questionnaires proposed purchase of  on-the -spot students-oriented examination to help them accomplish their aim. We decided to buy it. We will go to Stanford University and Exploratirium, so we made  a plan about  what time we would take a train and which hotel we stayed. However, we faced some troubles on hotel, so we haven’t decided where we would stay yet. By Yuki Egami

Science Club

Hello, I’m Erika 🙂 At today’s meeting, we talked about the details of our plan. So we have good news! Some representatives succceeded in contacting the members of Chemistry Club in UC Davis. In addition, they are willing to meet us. I’m so glad and looking forword to see and communicate with them :>!! And so we are planning many interesting things in order to make them delightful. All of members in this project is very eager to plan. This picture shows it!! If you are interested in our project, please tell me (^_-)-☆ Thank you :9

Science Club

November 13 2014 Hello. I’m Erika 🙂 On the day, we held the first meeting about science club. We  talked about what we want to do in California. So we made to do list and elected the role in this project. Through this project, we get on with the student who belongs among the science club at U.C.Davis. It’s our main project. in addition, we conduct many occasions. For example, to go Exploratorium and science academy, show our experiment on the street, make the questionnaire and ask the local students to answer it, and prepare for the party and so on. We make effort to succeed our project! Shall we … Read moreScience Club