Our second sports day!

On 3rd March, We had the second sports festival. We played basketball. There were twenty people including Chinese students. They played basketball with English only and we got minus points if we spoke Japanese. We also invited Saudi Arabian students. Next time will be held tomorrow. We will play ultimate at Russell Field.  

Our first sports day!

On 19th February, We had the first sports festival. We played soccer. There were twenty people including those from other universities. Chinese students came to watch the games and we were taught their language through English. We made new friends:) Because this time there were people who did not have equipment and could not take part, next time, we will like to invite more people beforehand and make more friends!!

First Entry from “Sports Day” :)

We decided to do four sports which were decided by the members of sports festival. The four sports were soccer, basketball, dodge ball and ultimate. We will do one sport a week. In principle, the members of sports festival must take part in the games. We want some students who came from various Universities to take part in the games, and want to do sports with many students! We do not mind their nationality! Why not join us? By Mari Goto